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Zeroing down on a career path is the most important decision in an individual’s life. Each one of us has gone through this difficult phase. However, at LAXMI OVERSEAS, we guide you and assist you in selecting an appropriate career for yourself. Taking up a higher education program abroad is a big decision monetarily and emotionally for parents as well for the students. Whether you are a fresh 10 + 2 pass out, a fresh graduate with/out work experience, or a post graduate, LAXMI OVERSEAS has successful options for all.

Laxmi is dealing with every type of Student Visa Queries and guidance for almost every country such as: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and some parts of Europe too. We have Expert Counselors who have enough knowledge for almost every Country. Expert advisers of LAXMI OVERSEAS help students in working on their career options after analysis of academics, aptitude/ interest of the students, available finances, chances of scholarships, specific location requirements, etc.

We guide every student as per their eligibility and requirement of their choice. In Laxmi we suggest Students to go for their betterment in every aspects of their life not only in educational part but they should grow in all fields of their living therefore we appointed Counselors who are full of knowledge and ready to support each child who wants to grow and build his career through Laxmi.

At LAXMI OVERSEAS we make sure that all possible efforts are taken to guide students in selecting their study programs. Tens of thousands of students have benefited each year.

Universities selection

Understanding Students’ requirements

At LAXMI OVERSEAS we comprehend and investigate the career requirement of the students. We provide professional support and assist students in organizing their opinions and ideas about career options and professional objectives.

Selecting the University

Students looking for postgraduate and doctorate level studies from abroad should select the universities having worldwide recognition and that are offering excellent education. At LAXMI OVERSEAS we help students to take their final call on the selection of the right university.


Guidance on University selection

Selecting a university abroad for education needs requires adequate guidance and expert advice to zero down on a particular country, institute, and study program LAXMI OVERSEAS Consultants offer one-stop solutions to all queries towards university selection. At LAXMI OVERSEAS we help students get admissions into universities and colleges that best suit their personal, academic, financial and other parameters. The knowledge and rich experience of our counselors allows students to arrive at the best possible decisions.

With increasing number of universities and colleges offering numerous courses selecting a right course and a perfect institute is a big challenge. It is up to students to decide what is his/her priorities. A student need to have clear cut answers to following queries:

  • If the student wants the best course of his/her choice or the course that is good but offers enough options that he/she really wants
  • If the student wants the perfect job placement
  • If the student is ready to adapt to the university and course requirements as he/she will be staying there for three or more years

Process for selecting ideal university and course

Research: The more research the student puts into the selection process the better are the chances for getting the right course and right university.

Guidance: Once the entire research work is done at LAXMI OVERSEAS we help students to get acquainted to all the positive and negative aspects of going to any particular university and course.

Course specific institute: For certain specific courses the opportunity for course and university selection is quite limited. In that case as the choice is limited so LAXMI OVERSEAS is best to guide you for the institute selection.

Guidance On Admission

Education abroad is not just about surfing the internet, filing the application forms and sending students to the universities of their choice. The admission to a foreign university is a multifarious process that leads to a lot of queries, issues, and formalities that need to be looked into, understood, completed and followed through. Even a smallest mistakes or an error in the application process can lead to rejection.

Taking admission in a university abroad is a tough call. One needs adequate guidance, knowledge and information about the university admission processes unique to that university and the country. At LAXMI OVERSEAS we make every possible effort to make student’s admission process in an international university simple and smooth. We thoroughly work on students' applications, elaborating on strengths and explanation of weaknesses. We also guide the student towards preparing a top quality Statement of Purpose (SoP).

At LAXMI OVERSEAS we assess the student’s English skills and send our suggestions/recommendations to select Universities for admission. We follow up with the selected Universities to help a speedy and positive response.

Here at LAXMI OVERSEAS we offer personalized attention to the student’s applications, ensuring that the submission of an error free and well-presented application. The Letter of Recommendation (LOR) and Statement of Purpose (SOP) have great significance in the application process. The experts at LAXMI OVERSEAS edit and polish the written material.

Adequate presentation and documentation of the error-free application usually acts as the deciding factor for student getting the Offer Letter or not. At LAXMI OVERSEAS we follow the following procedure for admission:

  • Provide the students with the Application Form
  • Make students understand the procedure of filling up the form
  • Provide the details of the documents required
  • Preparing the written documents: SOP (Statement of Purpose), RECO (Recommendation Letter), Resumes
  • Prepare all the sealed and rightly addressed Envelope packets
  • Sending the application online or via post
  • Tracking delivery of your application to University/college

Guidance on Finances

At LAXMI OVERSEAS we also provide assistance to the students on arranging the finances. We make students understand the entire breakup of the expenditure involved and suggest them various options available in making them realize their dream of education abroad.

Guidance on SOP Preparation

Aiming to know the real reason behind your decision to for education abroad and understanding scope of your study area nationally and internationally and to know your academic background SOP (Statement of Purpose) is required from a students’ end. At LAXMI OVERSEAS we help students in preparing genuine and honest still appealing SOP.


Admission Processing

At LAXMI OVERSEAS we assist students in filling up the admission form, getting financials ready and all the documentation and in applying for visa. The counselors at LAXMI OVERSEAS help students at every step to make them realize their dream of studying abroad successful.

Visa Processing

Visa Processing and visa interview holds the key to a students’ successful departure to a foreign university. The visa team at LAXMI OVERSEAS is always updated with the latest requirement, immigration policies and visa checklists. At LAXMI OVERSEAS we have a database of possible visa interview questions depending upon students’ profile.


Finance assistance

Money plays the most significant role in releasing your dreams for education. LAXMI OVERSEAS offers guidance to students for education loans. At LAXMI OVERSEAS we have knowledge about all the national banks providing loans at affordable rates and with various approved financial institutions and private banks offering loans. This is a part of our regular service to all our registered student clients.

Studying abroad is a costly affair. Taking admission in an advanced degree program in a foreign university requires huge amount of money. Students and their parents need to bear the expenses of College fees along with various other expenses like food, accommodation, travel, stationeries etc. The foreign Universities mainly offer meritorious grants or scholarships to students on tuition fees. However, majority of the times students are encouraged to support their education due to very limited availability of grants and scholarship programs.

At LAXMI OVERSEAS we help students in our own way to secure financial aid by helping them apply for private loans, approach funding organizations, and work with them on their budgets and complete college fee transactions.

Students need to plan their finances in advance. The best thing would be to consult your parents and other family sponsors. Try checking how much money they can commit each year to your education. In another case the students can also take study loans from banks.

LAXMI OVERSEAS readily assist the students in planning their finances and taking loan from banks and also assist students in making a plan for the financial arrangements.

Flight Booking assistance

Going away from home even for a day or so is always tough and imagine how it would feel when you have to travel abroad and that too all alone for years. At LAXMI OVERSEAS we understand the students’ and their parents’ anxiety and make students’ journey quite comfortable and safe. When we talk about travelling assistance we are not just talking about flight tickets from native land to the foreign land or desired country but also travel from the airport to place where the students will be staying or if the stay is in hostel of the university campus.

At LAXMI OVERSEAS we take every possible effort to make a student’s journey from their native country to the foreign country of their choice as seamless as possible. We guide them with travel tips and also assist with any airline bookings. This valuable service is provided free of cost.

LAXMI OVERSEAS takes the responsibility to book flights well in advance to help students get ideal departure dates, routes and that too at an affordable discounted rate. We also assist students in identifying the best airlines for heavy baggage schemes. There are a number of international airlines that offer special discounts for students of which LAXMI OVERSEAS is aware of and thus we suggest the names of these airlines to the students.

Pre departure assistance

Every student goes through feelings of leaving the comfort of home before taking his flight abroad for education. Therefore, at LAXMI OVERSEAS the counselors are sensitive towards this situation and provide all the assistance and appropriate set of information that will help students in their airport pickups, accommodation arrangements, handling queries at the port of entry, migration, travel and in their settlement abroad.

At LAXMI OVERSEAS we organize pre departure training sessions for the students. It has been observed that majority of students traveling abroad face hassles while airports, transit, landing, luggage etc. We LAXMI OVERSEAS explain each and every aspect of pre-departure to the student.

Students are allotted a 24x7 accessible number while traveling. It helps students to call LAXMI OVERSEAS for any clarification or take any information required while traveling.

At LAXMI OVERSEAS we also provide a checklist of pre-departure guidelines depending upon the country, city, or campus selected by student.

Visa assistance

Getting a successful student visa is not an easy task. At LAXMI OVERSEAS we give free visa guidance to all the candidates. We guide our clients in the entire visa process from filling up applications, preparing financial statements to training candidates for mock interviews. LAXMI OVERSEAS staff remains regularly updated on the latest visa documentation rules and this helps us in guiding candidates towards filing their documents in the most presentable manner.

The competent staff at LAXMI OVERSEAS assists students with the visa applications, offer guidelines for financial statements and help students in preparing the file to meet the requirements of High Commission to ensure 100 per cent Visa success.

Every country has a different process and procedure for visa filing. We at LAXMI OVERSEAS assist students with the adequate information based on country to country. The glaring mistake that majority of the students make filing their papers is of applying with the same old documents of rejected visas. At LAXMI OVERSEAS we guide students with the clarity and all the check list information is available at our offices. Based on the checklist for all the countries, the guidelines are given on financial documents and the visa filing process.

Foreign exchange assistance

The value of currency in foreign exchange keeps on fluctuating on daily basis that intensely has an effect on loss of money in currency exchange. At LAXMI OVERSEAS we provide support for Forex at competitive exchange rates and the process is quite fast. We provide guidance related to preparing Demand Drafts, International Debit Cards, Travelling Cheques, Wire Transfers and exchange of currency just before actual travel.


Study in Canada

Canada leads the world when it comes to quality living and as a country of highly educated and warm people. No wonder, Canada is one of the top favorites when it comes to study in Canada, study abroad options for Indian students. However, choosing amongst the top Universities in Canada, top college in canada is no child’s play; this is where an expert overseas education consultant like LAXMI OVERSEAS helps you. LAXMI OVERSEAS is in fact, the largest Canada Student Visa Consultants in India.

The world’s leading colleges in Canada and its top Universities based on worldwide rankings and top scores on parameters of learning environment, influence on scientific papers, programme variety, and international focus makes country an ideal location. The QS World University Rankings® for the year 2015/2016 features a total of 26 Universities in Canada among the top 800 universities worldwide. That indeed is great News. Icing on the cake is that LAXMI OVERSEAS team helps Indian students make way into these Universities in Canada, and their dream of study in Canada, a reality. LAXMI OVERSEAS also offers guidance for the courses and programs available at three top universities in Canada which are ranked within the global top 50.

Study in USA

USA is known for its world class educational institutes, wide variety of academic programs to choose from, and superior education quality. All these features make USA, the prime education destination for Indian international education aspirants.

Selecting the right program and suitable institute from amongst the top universities in USA, is a task. The large number of programs and eligibility differences across Colleges in USA, has created a need for expertise in guidance for international education and visa processes.

The world’s prominent colleges in USA and top Universities in USA based on international rankings, world class learning environment, power on scientific papers, academic variety, and international focus makes study in USA, a dream for every student.

LAXMI OVERSEAS’s expert and trained team of advisors help Indian students to zero down on appropriate courses in top universities in USA. It helps them realize their dream of having education in USA that gives great value for money. LAXMI OVERSEAS also offer guidance to avail financial benefits in the form of scholarships to deserving candidates.

Study in Australia

Studying in Australia is a great way to experience the unique Aussie lifestyle while gaining great new skills. Australia has world class universities, practical vocational colleges and outstanding English language schools to support international students.

If you are looking to stay in Australia for an extended period of time, an Australian Student Visa is your best starting point.

LAXMI OVERSEAS is a specialized agency in education. We have strong relationships with Australian colleges, language schools and universities, and can give you personalized advice on where to study base on your needs and goals.

LAXMI OVERSEAS is here to provide support regardless of which study program you are interested in.

We will guide you through the complex process of obtaining a Student Visa in Australia, from the choice of a school to the enrolment.

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is a young country where independence, initiative and resourcefulness are more highly regarded than status or rules. As a student here you’ll be encouraged to be questioning, flexible and to seek your own answers by thinking for yourself...

New Zealand's diverse education system gives you a wide range of programmes and institutions to choose from, in any region of the country.

The advantages of New Zealand Education are

  • You obtain an internationally recognized qualification
  • You attain one year job search visa after your study in New Zealand
  • You find full time job offer during job search visa, you will get two year work permit
  • You get points for permanent residency in New Zealand
  • You can improve your English proficiency
  • You can work part-time while you study
  • Your dependents can accompanied to New Zealand along with you and dependents can work while you study
  • Skill shortage and many job opportunities will help you to find very good jobs and permanent residency in New Zealand
  • You will get great chance to interact with many cultural background students
  • Very less crime and safe, friendly multicultural society Education expenses are lesser than UK ,USA and Australia

LAXMI OVERSEAS is a specialized agency in education. We have strong relationships with New Zealand colleges and universities, and can give you personalized advice on where to study base on your needs and goals.

LAXMI OVERSEAS is here to provide support regardless of which study program you are interested in.

We will guide you through the complex process of obtaining a Student Visa in New Zealand, from the choice of a school to the enrolment

Study in Singapore

Singapore is extremely popular amongst students who wish to study courses in animation, design, game development, music, etc. Courses in law and combined postgraduate courses in management and engineering are extremely popular choices for students from South Asia. With numerous technological companies having offices in Singapore and some institutions offering scholarships for students with a 'work in Singapore clause', Singapore has become a popular study destination for Indians.

Students who opt for higher education courses in engineering also have a good chance of securing jobs in Singapore after their internships.

Some reasons why students choose Singapore as a study destination are as follows:

  • English-taught courses are on offer at most institutes.
  • Tuition fees and living expenses are less compared with other countries abroad.
  • A lot of scholarship options are available.
  • With many Indians and Sri Lankans living there, Singapore has a strong South-east Asian community. Student life is pretty exciting in Singapore!
  • The country’s strict law enforcement policy and stable political environment offers students a lot of safety.
  • Zero tolerance to racism and drugs.
  • Some institutions offer courses in partnership with leading American and Australian institutions.
  • Well-connected to the rest of Asia as Singapore has one of the best airports in the region.
  • With good academic performance, chances of securing a job in Singapore are higher.

LAXMI OVERSEAS is a specialized agency in education. We have strong relationships with Singapore colleges and universities, and can give you personalized advice on where to study base on your needs and goals in terms of your batter future and career.

LAXMI OVERSEAS is here to provide support regardless of which study program you are interested in.

We will guide you through the complex process of obtaining a Student Visa in Singapore, from the choice of a school to the enrolment

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